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A History of African-American Lawyers in Nashville

by Lewis L. Laska African-American lawyers have practiced in Nashville at least since 1868, when Alfred Menefee, a grocer, received a license to practice before justices of the peace. Menefee thus became the first black office holder in Nashville, also being named magistrate by 1897. Nineteenth century licensing, rather informal, involved two types of licenses…

Public Executions in Nashville

by Lewis L. Laska. On January 25, 1866, four young men were hanged in the yard of the Tennessee State Prison, located on Nashville’s Church Street. They were known as the Hefferman (Heffernan in some sources) killers. The oldest was 20, two were 17, and the youngest, who was so small that he bragged his…

Nashvillians Who Stood behind the Sit-ins: C. The Quiet Allies

by Kathy B. Lauder. We would be remiss if we neglected to mention some of the quiet heroes who provided support to the protests with their time, money, and encouragement. Among the most generous were two Nashville couples – Dr. Charles and Mary Celeste Richardson Walker, and Dr. McDonald and Jamye Coleman Williams. Georgia native…

The image at the top of the page is a detail from a woodblock print of the Parthenon by renowned Nashville artist Ernest A. Pickup, 1887-1970. (Used by permission of the family.) The postcard photo of the Tennessee Capitol is from the NHN collection.

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